DraftKings Case study

Boosting Draftkings revenue using the CarambolaAi Social units

Publisher Overview

DraftKings, A leader in the American market for daily fantasy sports

Fantasy sport



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Contests and sports betting, invites participants to engage in daily and weekly fantasy sports competitions. Operating on a subscription model, DraftKings holds a significant challenge in effectively monetizing returning visitors who, due to familiarity with the site’s layout and content, may become desensitized to standard advertising methods. This requires an advertising approach that goes beyond traditional banner ads to further extend user engagement and session duration.


Monthly page views


Monthly visits

The Case

How to increase revenue from existing inventory that is being sold programmatically? The site is blessed with healthy metrics of user session length and viewability that couldn’t be translated well enough into ad’s cpm.

The Results




User session duration



*Carambola social contextual units vs. display ad banners

Publisher Quote

“For over 4 years, Carambola keeps increasing our users session duration, presenting them the most relevant and engage able content, with added value for the users. This makes them our Top-Tier revenue providers”

How did we achieve it?

By crafting an ad experience that captures the attention of users without disrupting their site experience CarambolaAI is maximizing ad inventory revenue.

Impacting overall
site monetization

The longer the user stays on site, the better overall Revenue you get. Simple.

Keeping users
in site​

The content relevancy keeps users engaging with the unit, leveraging their user session durations.

Always presenting
relevant content

Connecting audiences to the latest trends on Instagram, TikTok, X, and more by embedding seamlessly Social media content into the context, while presenting ads.

The Conclusion

CarambolAI: Boost your site Revenue

Recognizing site’s monetization potential and matching an advertising strategy is a leading key in generating maximal ads revenue.
Draftkings chose to combine traditional campaigns and ad banners with the CarambolaAI Social contextual ad units.