New appointment for CarambolaAI
Say hello to Mikhael Shvartsman

CarambolaAI, a top AI-driven Contextual Advertising provider for publishers, has appointed Mikhael Schwartzman as VP Publishers. With a decade of experience at Primis, Mikhael is poised to drive CarambolaAI’s mission forward. He will focus on innovative AI-driven advertising solutions to enhance user experience and strengthen brand-consumer connections.

“Joining CarambolaAI represents a unique opportunity to contribute to an environment where innovation leads the way in connecting advertisers with their audiences in the most engaging and relevant manner. I’m very excited to be part of the product and the organization.” 
-Mikhael Shvartsman


March 25-27, 2024 || Vail, CO

The CarambolaAI team recently attended the Digiday Publishing Summit held in Vail. This event provided a fantastic opportunity for Eitan Babay, CarambolaAI’s Managing Director, and Mikhael Shvartsman, VP Publishers, to meet our partners and engage with leading publishers and fellow professionals in the AdTech industry. They discussed the latest trends and strategies, networking with industry leaders in the beautiful setting of Vail, which provided invaluable insights that will guide us in delivering innovative solutions to our partners.

Case Study:
Outperform Traditional
Ad Banners

Explore our recent Case Study featured on Yahoo Finance, showcasing innovative strategies for better monetization and increased user engagement. With a 20% boost in session durations and scrolling, witness firsthand the power of our revolutionary Social Contextual Units.

Below-the-fold advertisements- Go or No Go?

When it comes to ad placement, the immediate choice would often be placing the ad ‘Above the fold’ for obvious reasons. This ensures visibility without requiring users to scroll, grabbing attention as soon as they land on the page. The result? Better fill rates, ultimately leading to improved CPMs and overall ad revenue for your site. However, effective ad placement involves more than just this initial strategy.

Discover our new Social Story Unit

Gen Z Digital Savvies prefer quick, easily digestible content. As users increasingly discover and consume content directly within Social Media feeds, they spend less time on external websites, resulting in shorter session durations.  This is where the CarambolaAI new Social Unit steps in, offering an authentic Social Platforms experience. By delivering the most relevant Social Content, we enhance user engagement and session durations, maximizing monetization for your site.